Structural Integrity

Each SISCORP building is designed by our in-house engineering team, utilizing custom rigid frame design software, to meet specific project requirements. Upon completion of the design phase, fully dimensioned architectural CAD drawings are generated for customer review and comment.

From offshore facilities exposed to hurricane force winds, to northern sites with extreme snow loads, SISCORP buildings have withstood the tests.

Overall, building integrity is a function of proper design, material selection and erection by professional, experienced crews. By choosing a SISCORP building for your project you are assured of using the best in the industry.


Building Flexibility

In order to meet our clients needs, SISCORP keeps itself on the leading edge of the industry’s component options. In each application, SISCORP selects from an array of products optimizing value while maintaining budget requirements. Major components may include:
• Ventilation
• Overhead Cranes
• Equipment Doors
• Coating Systems
• Roofing and Siding
• Architectural Finishes
• Insulation (Acoustic/Thermal)

SISCORP continues to provide innovative and creative solutions for our clients in varying site conditions, markets and industries.


For your next project let our staff show you why, at Standard Industrial Structures Corporation, Custom is our standard.